About Us

Crystals have been widely used from many centuries in holistic healing to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  

At Face Rituals, we have researched and incorporated the age old tradition of crystal healing to curate luxurious facial products.

Face Rituals is one of the first brands to launch Authentic and Certified Crystal Face products in India. Our products are consciously constructed with the highest quality crystals.

We believe in ‘Beautifying ‘YOU’ Holistically’. Face Rituals advocates the importance of self rejuvenation and our vision is to bring a shift in the wellness culture in India by bringing back ancient skin care tools.

Our mission is to expand the awareness of incorporating a holistic ritual in one’s daily routine. With the daily usage one can achieve ‘the flawless and coveted glow’ easily at the comfort of home. 

What makes us unique is that our Crystal Products are charged and blessed with vibrant positivity and comes with a luxury package. 

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